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About Desktop RIA comparison: Dekoh Versus Adobe Apollo


Dekoh consists of 3 components:

  1. Dekoh Desktop: Desktop RIA platform.
  2. Dekoh Applications: Dekoh ships applications that run on Dekoh Desktop.
  3. Dekoh Network: Enables secure sharing of Dekoh Desktop applications and content on the web. Viewers don’t need to install Dekoh software.

Adobe Apollo and Dekoh Desktop are both RIA platforms on the desktop. Apollo does not have an equivalent of Dekoh Applications and Dekoh Network. Hence, I compare Dekoh Desktop with Apollo in this article.

Installation and OS support

Dekoh and Apollo both are cross operating-system runtime that help developing and running RIA on desktop.

Feature Dekoh Desktop Apollo
Cross-OS achieved through Java web server Flash/Flex
Installation size 5MB 5-9MB
Single click installation from the web Yes Don’t know
Automatic updates Yes. Versioning API available to all applications Yes. Don’t know if API is available for applications
Startup Desktop icon, System tray, Windows startup Desktop icon, System tray, Windows startup
OS supported in version 1.0 release Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac
Browsers supported IE (6 & 7), Firefox, Safari None. Home grown rendering engine based on Webkit

User Interface

Applications can leverage these technologies for rendering UI.

Feature Dekoh Desktop Apollo
Build using (any combination) HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Flash, AJAX, Java Applets HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Flash, AJAX
Reusable Widgets Yes No
Drag-and-Drop support Yes. Inside the browser. Yes
Special effects Some effects made available through JS/AJAX libraries Window transparency, rotation and many more
Browser-plugins All browser plugins work None.
Browser toolbars Yes No

Programming API

Applications can use these technologies for writing application logic.

Feature Dekoh Desktop Apollo
Programming language JSP, Servlet, Java Flex
Bundled database Yes No
Other database support Thru JDBC. Object persistence support thru JPA None
Web services access Yes Yes
Inter application communication Java or HTTP Inter-Application Communication (IAC) protocol
OS services, like filesystem access Thru Standard Java  packages and API Exposed thru Apollo API
Invoking other native DLLs, libraries JNI, Java-COM bridge None
Secure sandbox Warn users before installing unsigned applications Don’t know. (Not decided yet as per a product manager)


Feature Dekoh Desktop Apollo
Cost Free (as in beer) Free (as in beer)
License Open Source Proprietary
RSS support Yes No
Web 2.0 features like sharing, tagging, commenting Yes No
Share from desktop, applications or content with personal friend network Yes No

All data regarding Apollo has been gathered through Apollo Developer FAQ and publicly available presentations/videos.