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[repost ]Demo: Using Hadoop to Extract and Analyze Unstructured Information


Here’s a nice demo. It shows InfoSphere BigInsights, which is IBM’s Hadoop product. BigInsights is essentially Apache Hadoop together with extensions for installation, management, security, integration, and so on. The demo also shows InfoShpere BigSheets. BigSheets is basically an easy-to-use interface for creating and running Map and Reduce jobs. As you can see from the demo, BigSheets makes it quick and easy to apply text analytics extractors and filters to unstructured or semi-structured data. The demo itself shows how you can quickly analyze several aspects of revenue information pulled from earnings press releases. It even includes a nice round-trip to the annotated source data to see “why” certain conditions occurred.

Don’t forget there is no charge for BigInsights Basic Edition. You can freely download it from InfoSphere BigInsights.