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[project ]A New Analytical Paradigm


We believe that data scientists shouldn’t have to struggle with data management to do advanced analytics. That’s why we invented an analytical database that provides the functionality analysts and scientists have requested and more, all in one integrated platform.

Collaborative, reproducible, data-driven discovery and modeling

Paradigm4’s analytical database was designed from the ground up for working with rich, multi-faceted, highly-dimensional data like instrument data, geospatial data, data feeds, and data collated from multiple sources. And to support collaborative, reproducible, data-driven discovery and modeling. With an innovative massively parallel distributed database integrated directly into the analytics platform, Paradigm4 lets you explore data and execute advanced analytics operations that scale transparently to billions of data elements.

Move beyond the constraints of conventional relational databases and technical computing software

  • Avoid the hassle of exporting and reformatting data between your database and your statistical and technical computing software
  • Scale-up and speed-up your analytics and modeling, from prototype to production, without rewriting your code
  • Get results much faster

Learn how Paradigm4 delivers: