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[project ]Hadapt:Product Overview


The Hadapt Adaptive Analytic Platform™ is the first big data platform to combine the benefits of Apache Hadoop and relational DBMS technology into a single system for applications that rely on multi-structured data analytics.  Hadapt was designed for the cloud, and is optimized for virtualized environments.  In addition to providing the full power of MapReduce, Hadapt offers enhanced SQL support and the ability to work with all of your data within one platform.

Performance & Stability at Scale

Hadapt’s patent-pending architecture brings the latest advances in relational database research to the Apache™ Hadoop™ platform.  By leveraging the MapReduce distributed computing framework, Hadapt provides cloud-ready fault tolerance, load balancing, and data replication, ensuring consistent performance in unpredictable computing environments such as the cloud.

Virtualized environments pose unique challenges for performing complex analytics on big data. The shared environment is economical, but unpredictable fluctuations in node performance and node availability results in poor performance for long queries. Restarting nodes or restarting queries is not the answer. Hadapt’s platform utilizes a patent-pending Adaptive Query Execution™ process to automatically load balance queries in virtualized environments.

Key Benefits:

  • All-in-One System for “Multi-Structured” Analytics:  Hadapt provides the ability to perform analysis across all of your multi-structured data sets within one platform.  Many analytical database systems take a “bolt-on” approach to Hadoop, requiring two disparate systems: Hadoop for unstructured data and a separate relational database for structured data.  Using connectors can introduce delays, create unintended data silos, and increase TCO. Hadapt’s Adaptive Analytical Platform™ requires no connectors.  This translates into lower TCO for large, diverse data sets; richer analytics; and improved performance. Read more
  • Universal SQL Support:  Data stored in Hadapt can be accessed using existing SQL-based tools, simplifying the business analyst’s adoption of Hadoop.  New data analytics across multi-structured data sets are now possible, while retaining the ability to use existing SQL-compatible BI tools and workflows. Read more
  • Significant performance improvements over Hadoop+Hive:  SQL queries perform an order of magnitude faster in Hadapt than in Hadoop+Hive.  Hadapt’s adaptive query execution technology provides on-the-fly load balancing and fault tolerance, critical for fast, consistent, and scalable performance in cloud environments.

 Please click here to learn more about the Hadapt Early Access program.