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Portable WLM YM AIM ICQ IRC GTalk Chat Client – Pidgin Portable

If you want to make Instant Messenger without need to install any chat client, you can use meebo or others web messenger, but if you want to use chat client that do not need to install in the computer, you can use portable chat client. Portable chat clients, only need to plug in USB disk Drive and then run it from there. Pidgin Portable is one of the Multi Messenger Chat Client that works Portable.

Because of Pidgin supports many Messenger Services such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, IRC, Google Talk, Jabber, Gadu Gadu and more, that means, Pidgin Portable can be used as Windows Live Messenger Portable, Yahoo Messenger Portable –such as JAM–, Google Talk aka GTalk Portable, AIM Portable, ICQ and IRC Portable.

Download: Pidgin Portable
License: Open Source GPL / Free
Website: portableapps.com

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