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[repost ]AIDA 2.0 | Predictive in-car recommendation system based on real-time driver and city profiling


An increasing amount of real time information is becoming available to car drivers as they move across the city – information about traffic and road conditions, upcoming events, leisure activities and the whereabouts of their friends to name just a few. How can all of this data be presented in a seamless way, without causing distraction?

This video presents the concept of Aida’s “predictive in-car recommendation system” capable of filtering out information relevant to the driver based on his current location and his interests. The objective of this filtering effort is to present a driver only with information relevant to him in a specific time and place to reduce distraction from information overload. The information visualized in this video is based entirely on real-world data sets.

AIDA 2.0 is a research project by MIT SENSEable City Lab