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[repost ]project:Javascript Crypto Library


The JavaScript Crypto Library provides web developers with an extensive and efficient set of cryptographic functions. The library aims to obtain maximum execution speed while preserving modularity and reusability. The library is released as open source under an AGPL license. If you are a web developer and into Javascript check it out!


The Javascript Crypto Library presently includes:

  • the fastest AES-256;
  • the only available Javascript implementation of:
    • Fortuna, a strong pseudo-random number generator;
    • SRP, the verifier-based authentication protocol;
  • a robust and efficient SHA-2 hash function.

Our online password manager makes heavy use of the cryptographic functions that are included in the library. But even if you are not interested in writing whole zero-knowledge web applications, you can exploit browser-based cryptography to improve the security of specific portion of your code. As an example, you could consider replacing your present authentication system with SRP[4].


Javascript implementations of cryptographic algorithms have been around for years. Some of the pioneers in this field were: John WalkerChris VenessPaul Andrew Johnston and Leemon Baird. They all realized that Javascript could turn the browser into a new and ubiquitous “number crunching” tool that comes pre-installed on every modern computer. Even if they mostly wrote code for educational purposes, their work was an important inspiration to us.

Future developments

Recently we’ve approached elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). The code already included in the library is still very slow and incomplete. We would love to improve it and develop all the components of a public-key cryptographic system based on elliptic curves. It’s an ambitious and complex plan. Any volunteer to help?


The Javascript Crypto Library is available from GitHub.

Clipperz projects on GitHub are here