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ActiveMQ – Version 5.4.2 released

Apache ActiveMQ 5.4.2 is primarily a maintenance release which resolves
61 issues mostly bug fixes and improvements

Getting the Binary Distributions

Description Download Link PGP Signature file of download
Windows Distribution apache-activemq-5.4.2-bin.zip apache-activemq-5.4.2-bin.zip.asc
Unix/Linux/Cygwin Distribution apache-activemq-5.4.2-bin.tar.gz apache-activemq-5.4.2-bin.tar.gz.asc

Verify the Integrity of Downloads

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP or MD5 signatures. The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. Begin by following these steps:

  1. Download the KEYS
  2. Download the asc signature file for the relevant distribution
  3. Verify the signatures using the following commands, depending on your use of PGP or GPG:
    $ pgpk -a KEYS
    $ pgpv apache-activemq-<version>-bin.tar.gz.asc


    $ pgp -ka KEYS
    $ pgp apache-activemq-<version>-bin.tar.gz.asc


    $ gpg --import KEYS
    $ gpg --verify apache-activemq-<version>-bin.tar.gz.asc

(Where <version> is replaced with the actual version, e.g., 5.1.0, 5.2.0, etc.).

Alternatively, you can verify the MD5 signature on the files. A Unix program called md5 or md5sum is included in most Linux and Unix distributions. It is also available as part of GNU Textutils. Windows users can utilize any of the following md5 programs:

Getting the Binaries using Maven 2

To use this release in your maven project, the proper dependency configuration that you should use in your Maven POM is:


Getting the Source Code

Source Distributions

SVN Tag Checkout

svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/activemq/tags/activemq-5.4.2


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the release notes

Also see the previous ActiveMQ 5.4.1 Release

Release notes:


  • [AMQ-2791] – Add Message Priority support into PendingMessageCursor


  • [AMQ-2103] – Memory leak when marshaling ActiveMQTextMessage to persistent store
  • [AMQ-2451] – logging.properties are not found automatically by start-script
  • [AMQ-2452] – Option to “activemq-admin” do not work properly
  • [AMQ-2453] – start/control-script is not suitable for professional environments
  • [AMQ-2551] – Locking issue with MySQL InnoDB
  • [AMQ-2584] – Massege store is not cleaned when durable topic subscribers are refusing messages
  • [AMQ-2695] – Invalid messages in the pending queue of durable subscriptions.
  • [AMQ-2764] – For “duplex” network connection, after restart one ActiveMQ, message is missing.
  • [AMQ-2902] – ResourceAdapter logs confusing Exception upon pool connection disposal
  • [AMQ-2935] – java.io.EOFException: Chunk stream does not exist at page on broker start
  • [AMQ-2938] – ActiveMQ Console requires Jasypt bundle which is not part of the ActiveMQ features
  • [AMQ-2939] – Disable Spring 3 schema validation
  • [AMQ-2942] – Can’t configure an inactivity monitor for https transport
  • [AMQ-2945] – KahaDB corrupted when too many messages accumulate: EOFException
  • [AMQ-2948] – Support ajax clients in multiple windows/tabs in a single browser
  • [AMQ-2950] – XA transactions not rolled back when on connection close
  • [AMQ-2952] – Message groups with small prefetch
  • [AMQ-2959] – Scheduler not honoring activemq.store.dir property
  • [AMQ-2965] – ActiveMQ fails to start if no DNS resolution for hostname is available
  • [AMQ-2966] – Null messages occurring when using VM transport, topics and multiple consumers
  • [AMQ-2967] – Have Schedular support disabled by default
  • [AMQ-2970] – Fire advisory events when destinations are created/delete via JMX
  • [AMQ-2972] – STOMP over Websockets do not work in Chrome
  • [AMQ-2973] – Removing composite subscription clears all dispatched messages
  • [AMQ-2975] – New shell scripts doesn’t work well with multiple broker instances
  • [AMQ-2980] – Seeing inflight messages that are not consumed when jmsPriority is enabled and have intermittent durable consumer
  • [AMQ-2982] – Sticky KahaDB log files due to local transaction rollback
  • [AMQ-2983] – Sticky KahaDB log files due to concurrent consumer with local transaction
  • [AMQ-2985] – Missing messages in durable subscription with selector and KahaDB
  • [AMQ-2986] – StorePercentUsage is not refreshed when retrieved over JMX
  • [AMQ-2993] – Virtual topic interceptor process advisory messages
  • [AMQ-2999] – peer transport factory mapping localhost incorrectly to loopback
  • [AMQ-3002] – activemq-security.xml plugin usage
  • [AMQ-3005] – The spring.schemas file contains an invalid mapping
  • [AMQ-3007] – Kahadb LockFile.lock() leaks file descriptors if tryLock() returns an IOException
  • [AMQ-3013] – Problem with removing durable subscribers from the BrokerView
  • [AMQ-3020] – Message is lost while browsing composite queues over the network
  • [AMQ-3021] – HttpTunnelServlet leaks BlockingQueueTransport objects, causing eventual OOM on heap space
  • [AMQ-3025] – ActiveMQ child instances create their PID file in the parent’s data directory and refer to the parent’s configuration files when started
  • [AMQ-3028] – ActiveMQ broker processing slows with consumption from large store
  • [AMQ-3029] – Exception when try to browse ActiveMQBlobMessage via JMX
  • [AMQ-3035] – activemq script ignores ACTIVEMQ_SSL_OPTS from environment
  • [AMQ-3039] – Cannot import broker config using entities anymore
  • [AMQ-3049] – initialReconnectDelay on failover transport is not being honored
  • [AMQ-3050] – ActiveMQ standalone script doesn’t return with 0 when stop is called.
  • [AMQ-3052] – Memory leak in SimpleAuthenticationBroker
  • [AMQ-3054] – add property placeholder bean to activemq-jdbc.xml


  • [AMQ-2789] – Add Support For Message Priority
  • [AMQ-2885] – Upgrade aries to 0.1-r964701
  • [AMQ-2925] – PooledConnection.getConnection() should be public
  • [AMQ-2930] – Does ActiveMQ run on Windows Vista and/or Windows 7?
  • [AMQ-2932] – A little optimization to IdGenerator and a potential issue with the counter
  • [AMQ-2988] – Allow to retrieve the JMSProperties when using JMS Stream (ActiveMQInputStream)
  • [AMQ-2989] – Upgrade xmlpull with xpp3
  • [AMQ-2990] – Allow to specify the chunk size when using JMS Stream (ActiveMQOutputStream)
  • [AMQ-2997] – Default log4j.properties has Camel set at ERROR level. Please lower this to WARN or maybe even better at INFO

New Feature

  • [AMQ-2395] – Allow JDBC persistence adapter to use custom prefixes
  • [AMQ-2927] – Implement custom brokerId assignment strategy
  • [AMQ-2940] – Add a way to select and delete scheduled/delayed messages with a message selector
  • [AMQ-2941] – Add a non-JMX way to browse and delete scheduled/delayed messages
  • [AMQ-3017] – Add support for stream data to filesystem when using BlobMessages
  • [AMQ-3044] – Enable securing created JMX connector