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Top 5+ Open Source UML tools


We had covered Code Review Tools, Code Coverage tools for C/C++, Static Code Analysis Tools, Code Profilers for C/C++. Another must have design tool is a UML Modeler. Here we cover 7 Open Source UML modelers for your Projects. The Unified Modeling Language CNRiK;nQ
(UML) is an open method used to specify, visualize, construct and <e%~K4KH
document the artifacts of an object-oriented software-intensive system pSml+A:
that is under development. Using UML, one can write a system’s ~l@-gAyw
blueprints in a standard way, including conceptual components such as:


  • Actors
  • Business processes and
  • System’s components, and activities

UML combines the best practice from data modeling concepts such asentity relationship diagrams, business modeling (work flow), objectmodeling and component modeling. It can be used with all processes,throughout the software development life cycle, and across differentimplementation technologies. b#2$Pd:(
There are both proprietary or non-proprietary UML tools available. This article focuses on the list of free open source available: U if61)+!i

1. StarUML

StarUML is an open source project to develop fast,flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platformrunning on Win32 platform. The goal of the StarUML project is to builda software modeling tool and also platform that is a compellingreplacement of commercial UML tools such as Rational Rose, Together andso on. Read more here.

2. Acceleo
Acceleo is a code generator that transformsmodels into code . Acceleo is easy to use and it provides “off theshelf” generators (JEE, .Net, Php…) and template editors for Eclipse.Read more here. (H*d”>`mz
3. ArgoUML
ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includessupport for all standard UML 1.4 diagrams. It runs on any Java platformand is available in ten languages. ArgoUML is written entirely in Javaand uses the Java Foundation Classes. This allows ArgoUML to run onvirtually any platform. Read more here. nG dEJ
xqA XfJ.

BOUML is a free UML 2 tool box that allows you tospecify and generate code in C++, Java, Idl, Php and Python. BOUML runsunder Unix/Linux/Solaris, MacOS X(Power PC and Intel) and Windows.BOUML is very fast and doesn’t require much memory to manage severalthousands of classes. Read more here.

5. Eclipse UML2 Tools

UML2 Tools is a set of GMF-based editors for viewingand editing UML models; it is focused on (eventual) automaticgeneration of editors for all UML diagram types.
The diagrams that will be initially supported (aspart of the first release) include class, component, state machine, andactivity diagrams. Read more here.

6. Umbrello UML Modeller 

Umbrello UML Modeler is a UML diagram tool that cansupport you in the software development process. Especially during theanalysis and design phases of this process, Umbrello UML Modeler willhelp you to get a high quality product. UML can also be used todocument your software designs to help you and your fellow developers.Read more here.

7. Frame UML 

Frame UML is a free UML tool that supports UML 2.xx.It can run on Windows(2000/XP/Vista) and generate source code /CHM frommodel, or parse source code into model by JavaScript. It supports 12kinds of diagram except object diagram. It is very nice,simple, andeasy to use. More here.
Other Open Source UML tools are Xholon, TinyUML, Pamda etc

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